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StopThem.org is about helping you take action against whatever injustice is affecting you, and helping you set it right. Whether you're fighting big government, a corrupt corporation, credit problems, property rights issues, personal abuse, or ... you tell us. Here, you can find useful information and solutions to your problem, big or small.

StopThem provides two important services:

1) WE HELP YOU SOLVE PROBLEMS. How? By providing you useful information specific to your problem, as well as assisting you in developing winning strategies. You may find some of the answers you're looking for already on this website. Or if not, all you have to do is ask. We can put the power of the web behind you.

2) WE PROVIDE A PLATFORM FOR YOU TO RAISE ISSUES. Send us information you believe will be helpful to others. This site is not just about venting, and complaining, though that's okay. Ultimately, we are about helping people make a difference. We might even develop an entire page devoted to your issue alone.

Remember, knowledge is power. And there is power in numbers. Also, remember what your mother told you, "Stop. Look both ways before crossing the street."

Opinions expressed on this site are not necessarily those of StopThem.org. They are yours, and others with expertise in a variety of fields. We are constantly growing in size and resources to put the power of the web on your side. We consider you a valuable resource, and look forward to being the same for you. Welcome.

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